Policy Workshop on the NEAP for 2014

in Kovačica (16 – 18 April 2013) the project team formally initiated the assistance to the Working Group for Preparing National Employment Action Plan (NEAP) and the work on the NEAP for 2014 begun. Representatives from all relevant ministries, agencies and social partners organizations took part in the seminar. The main topics discussed included analysis of the labour market situation, assessment of relevance of policy responses so far (previous NEAPs), results of evaluation of active measures for employment, international comparisons in terms of labour market interventions applied etc. The seminar was chaired by the team leader (Michal Kubisz) and two other project experts (Mihail Arandarenko and Leigh Hackel) which presented their outputs and recommendations. The draft NEAP for 2014 is planned to be finalized in June 2013